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Homeschool Solutions:
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Homeschool Solutions is a PC program designed to make your homeschool record-keeping simple. Here are some of the new features that we've added to the program recently:

  1. Store data for multiple school terms.
  2. Preview your reports before printing them.
  3. Automatically average grades.
  4. Calculate your students' GPAs and print transcripts.
  5. Keep a lesson planner up to ONE YEAR long for each course!

With Homeschool Solutions, you can easily record, organize and print all kinds of important information, such as:

Borrowed & loaned items
Field trips
Friends & contacts
Lesson plans

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Awards & Kudos
ZDNet reviewed the new version of Homeschool Solutions on August 25, 1999, giving it their 4-star rating.

Vicki Brady featured Homeschool Solutions on her Homeschooling USA radio broadcast on August 29, 1998, and Vicki subsequently rated Homeschool Solutions the"#1 New Homeschooling Product of 1998."

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Customer Comments

'I would like to thank you for such a WONDERFUL program!! It has EVERYTHING that I need to keep track of all of my children and our schooling efforts! In my opinion, and I have tried EVERY program that is available for homeschoolers, this is the best!!'-- Jamie

"This is just what I've needed!" --Lisa from Indiana

'I recently downloaded your program and found it to be the best thing in the world. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy using it.' --Lisa

More Feedback: Read comments from reviewers and our customers:

"Homeschool Solutions is the ultimate homeschool record keeping system. Out of the 300 or more products I reviewed in 1998, this program was the best. Never again will parents have to panic over documentation or college transcripts. Another great thing about this program is that it is so simple, children can use it to keep their own records, allowing parents to concentrate on teaching.' --Vicki Brady, author of the book "The Basic Steps to Successful Homeschooling" and host of the "Homeschooling USA" radio program.

"I have been trying your program and it is the BEST thing since sliced bread!" --Missy

'I have reviewed a lot of programs for homeschooling, everything from foreign language to administration, and your program is the best I have seen (for administration).' --Jim C.

An unsolicited link to us on a web site included this comment:
'One of the best software packages for keeping track of home schooling records. A MUST for anyone home schooling their children!' --Dr. Michael K. Lake, Chancellor of the Biblical Life College & Seminary, Dixon, MO

We'd love to hear feedback from YOU. Please don't be shy. Let us know what you like about the program, what you'd put on a wish list for the next version of the program, etc. We're only a cyber-second away via e-mail.

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